Dropbox synchronization
Keep your files on Nuvolos in sync with your Dropbox account, enabling seamless transition between work on Nuvolos and your local computer.
Nuvolos supports synchronizing files with your Dropbox account. In order to enable synchronization, go to the Account > Settings > Dropbox Sync and click the Enable button.
Nuvolos will have its own special folder inside Dropbox, to avoid requesting access to your complete Dropbox account. According to the convention of Dropbox, files synced with Nuvolos will be stored under the Apps > nuvolos.cloud folder in your Dropbox account. The Organization > Space > Instance hierarchy will be reflected inside the Apps > nuvolos.cloud folder.
Once your account is linked, whenever a Nuvolos application is started (if you already have the application running, then stop it and restart it) the synchronization to Dropbox will begin as well.
Whilst for most cases instantaneous bidirectional synchronization will happen between Nuvolos and Dropbox, currently the following limitations apply to Dropbox synchronization:
  • Files created outside your application (e.g. uploaded on the web interface, created by a co-author, distributed from another instance) will only be synchronized once the application is restarted.
  • The synchronization only runs if your application is running.

Restoring Nuvolos snapshots

Restoring Nuvolos snapshots requires special care if Dropbox integration is enabled, as otherwise, the Dropbox version of the files (more recent) will overwrite the restored files.
If Dropbox integration is enabled, proceed as follows to restore from a snapshot:
  1. 1.
    In Nuvolos, restore the snapshot - this will also automatically stop applications.
  2. 2.
    In Dropbox (website or local application), delete the instance folder (located at: Apps > nuvolos.cloud > [Your Org] > [Your space] > [ Your Instance ] )
  3. 3.
    In Nuvolos navigate to the Files view and select "Personal" instead of "Workspace". Then check the "Show hidden files" option Still in the Nuvolos Files view, delete the .local > share > maestralfolder
  4. 4.
    In Nuvolos, start your application. Upon the successful start, the Dropbox synchronisation service in Nuvolos will recreate the instance folder. Next, the synchronisation with Dropbox for the restored files shall resume.

Excluding files

Files can be excluded from synchronization by editing the hidden file /files/.mignore
This file follows the same syntax as .gitignore