Share your research, results, code and data with other Nuvolos users
This page describes distribution conceptually.
Nuvolos strongly encourages the sharing of research results, data, and code by implementing a feature called distribution, which lets you:
  • Share complete snapshots, or
  • Share specific sets of files, database tables, codes, or applications with your colleagues.

What is distribution?

Distribution is a specific strategy designed to share content between users, projects, and workflows in Nuvolos.
Distribution in principle is a push-type sharing strategy: you select the items you want to share in the source location and then push that content to a target location.

Why is distribution useful?

Distribution is an important building block in designing efficient workflows in Nuvolos. Some particular use cases are the following.

- Distributing teaching material to students

It is possible to deliver to every student in a course teaching material at the same time. Furthermore, it is possible to deliver complete application environments along with the teaching material, minimizing the setup overhead of a course.

- Collecting data in your work environment

Nuvolos encourages collecting all necessary data in your own work environment for research, teaching, or studying. Original data sources are located in data spaces from which you can distribute the needed information (including documentation) to your own environment.

- Involving others in your research

If you want to jump-start a new colleague or student in your research project, since everything is collected in your work environment, it is very easy to get someone started by simply setting up an environment for them and distributing the relevant material.

- Restoring from a snapshot

It is possible to partially restore from a snapshot by distributing selected files back to your workflow.