Instructor: What is the value-add of Nuvolos to my workflow?

The benefit of Nuvolos is mainly felt in digital education workflows. To name a few benefits:
  • Distribution of teaching material is made simpler via the distribute feature. Just upload or generate content directly on Nuvolos, then distribute and your students will receive what they need exactly when they are supposed to need it.
  • It is simple to maintain identical environments for all of your students throughout the course of a semester. Package and teaching material updates can be distributed at the same time as a complete operation.
  • Students can use a controlled environment, however, they have fairly large freedom compared to most controlled environments.
  • Managing participants in your course is made easier.
  • You receive technical support. If you run into an issue related to the application you are using, please contact us at [email protected].

Instructor: If I invite students, what will they see?

There are multiple ways to invite students. The most comfortable one is to generate a shareable link and post it on your preferred forum (e.g. a learning management system).
When a student (say, [email protected]) clicks on the link and accepts the invitation, the following things will happen:
  • An instance gets created for the student with their e-mail address ([email protected]).
  • The instance will be populated with the accumulated contents of the distributed instance.
  • The student will become an editor of the instance created and will become a viewer of the distributed instance.
  • If the student is not a member of the organization yet, they will become a member.
The student will not receive any other role, consequently, they won't be able to view classmates' instances or the master instance. They will be able to view their own instance and going forward, any public space that the organization has.

Instructor: Is Moodle supported?

Currently no. We are working on some level of Moodle integration and we expect a first proof-of-concept by the beginning of the next academic year.

Last modified 3mo ago