Billing, budgeting and resource pools
This provides an overview of the billing and budgeting system of Nuvolos. For details, please refer to the in-depth pages:

Resource pools

Resource pools are the cost center units of Nuvolos. Resource pools are associated to the tree structure of Nuvolos. Organizations and spaces can be completely or partially mapped to Nuvolos via the management view of the Nuvolos resource control center.


As resource pools are associated with a list of spaces, organizations and resources, it is possible to create budgets for colleagues that share funding by setting up a resource pool for each budget.

Monitoring resource usage

The resource usage dashboard is available to all users in Nuvolos. Based on roles the users have, the data content of the resource usage dashboard will be different for each user.
  • End-users (users with no space administrator rights) will only see the overall budget of their organization.
  • Space administrators are additionally able to see detailed usage of their own spaces as well as redacted information about other spaces in the resource pool.
  • Resource pool managers are able to check and modify the resource mapping of the resource pool as well as get information about the space administrators of spaces they might be interested in.