I can't log in to Nuvolos

foIf you're having trouble logging into your Nuvolos account, here are some fixes you can try:

  • Do you have a valid account? The first step is to make sure that your account is valid. In order to log in to Nuvolos, you must either have a valid Nuvolos account or a valid email from a Swiss university that is a client of Alphacruncher.

  • Check your credentials: Make sure that you are typing the correct username and password. Look closely for typos, unnecessary accents, or missing characters. If you find typos, clear the password field and type your password again. Notice that Nuvolos passwords are case-sensitive.

  • App issue: It might happen that certain devices have certain issues that prevent you from logging into Nuvolos, it's likely a device or app-specific issue. Consider logging into Nuvolos from your personal computer.

  • Make sure that your account hasn't been hacked or used by someone else. This can be done in several ways:

    • Make sure you can log in to the email address that you used to create your Nuvolos account. If you cannot log in, then your email might be compromised. In this case, contact the organisation manager and inform him/her about the issue.

    • If you can log in to your email, then consider resetting your Nuvolos account.

  • Reset password. If you cannot log in with your valid Nuvolos account, then you either provided the wrong email, wrong password, or both.

    • If you forgot your password, then the solution is to reset your password.

    • If you forgot your username, then you can use the email to which your Nuvolos account is linked. Once you log in, go to the profile section using the account icon -> Settings (from the toolbar) and you will be able to see the username.


None of these solutions worked—what shall I do next?

If you've tried each of the fixes mentioned above, and still can't log into your Nuvolos account, please contact us at support@nuvolos.cloud.

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