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File navigator

The Nuvolos Web UI has a file navigator to manage your files directly from the browser
When working on Nuvolos, typically you're using a computer program in a running Nuvolos application to interact with your files. However, there are some common file manipulation tasks that can be carried out directly via the Web UI:

Upload files

You can upload files from both your local computer, or from a publicly available web URL
Upload files from local device or URL

Download files

You have multiple options to download files from Nuvolos to your local machine:
  1. 1.
    Download a single file
  2. 2.
    Download a single folder as a zip archive
  3. 3.
    Download up to 10 selected files or folders as a zip archive
  4. 4.
    Download all files in the current folder as a zip archive
If no files are selected, Download all can be found next to Upload and Create

Move, copy, rename, delete

You can move, copy, rename or delete files from the Nuvolos Web UI as well.
Files can be moved, copied, renamed or deleted

Extract (unzip) archives

You can extract (unzip) archives on the web UI:
For supported formats, the Extract all button appears automatically
Currently archives in the following formats are supported:
.zip, .gz, .tar, .tgz, .tar.gz, .bz2
During extraction, a folder with the same name as the archive will be created automatically, and all contents are extracted there. If a file or folder with the same name already exists, a new folder name is generated to avoid overwrites.
Archives are extracted in the background, please look at the tasks view to check if it has completed.
The Web UI also supports manipulating the contents of certain files, which is described in the section Preview files.