Accessing data as data.frames in R

If you are not keen on using SQL syntax and your database setup is fairly straightforward, there is no need to write queries in SQL to get data into your R application. The dbplyr package lets your write your package in tidyverse friendly syntax, please refer to the package vignette here.

In order to use dbplyr you need to take the following steps:

  1. Install the dbplyr package by typing install.packages("dbplyr") into your R shell.

  2. Once you've installed the package, you can use the nuvolos::get_connection() call to obtain a connection that you can feed to tbl.

As an example, the following code queries the test database table, selects two columns and filters for records where V2 > 0.

con <- nuvolos::get_connection()
data <- dplyr::tbl(con, "test")
data %>% dplyr::select(V1, V2) %>% dplyr::filter(V2 > 0)

The equivalent SQL statement would be:

SELECT V1, V2 FROM "test"
WHERE V2 > 0;

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