MATLAB constructs like parfor can be leveraged in applications using local parallel pools. Nuvolos will configure MATLAB to use the appropriate number of CPUs automatically, so you can start your parpool simply with the command:

pp = parpool('local');

The pool will be deleted after 30 minutes of idle time or with an application restart. To delete it manually, use


Issue with starting the parallel pool

You might have encountered lately the following error message in MATLAB on Nuvolos when starting a new parallel pool:

Mismatch between number of environment names and values

This is due to a recent change by MathWorks regarding the online login process. The workaround is to issue the following command in the MATLAB terminal:


This will open up a dialog where you need to enter again your MathWorks credentials. After that, MATLAB will be able to start the parallel pool.

You might not see a blinking cursor in the textbox for your credentials in the popup, but you can still type there.

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