Requesting roles

Nuvolos users can submit requests to be assigned a role in a course, research project, or a dataset. A request is then sent to the organisation manager or an administrator for approval.

How to request a role

In Nuvolos, you can actively request a role. For example, very often invited users are automatically granted an 'observer' role for public datasets in the organisation where they are invited. An observer role does not allow the user to see and interact with the contents of datasets, therefore, the user must submit a viewer role request.

To ask for a viewer role in a public dataset:

1 Open the dataset from the toolbar menu.

2 From the overview page, click on REQUEST ROLE.

Once the request has been submitted, the user needs to wait for the organisation manager to approve their request before being able to view the dataset.

Finding and approving role requests

To find and review requests, you can use the notifications icon in the toolbar.

  • Two types of requests will be displayed: requests submitted by the user waiting for approval and requests that require the approval of the user.

  • Using the coloured mail checkboxes you can display all or specific types of requests (e.g. pending requests only).

  • When viewing the requests to approve, you can filter the requests by user name and organization.

To approve a submitted request:

1 Find the user request you want to approve in the "REQUESTS TO APPROVE" section.

2 On the right side, use the green check button to approve a request, and the red clear button to reject the request.

Cancelling role requests

To cancel a request that you have submitted and is still waiting for approval, follow these two steps:

1- Find the user request you want to approve in the "REQUESTS SUBMITTED" section.

2- On the right side, use the red clear button to revoke the request.

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