Documentation structure

This documentation has the following structure: it is organized in a logical order, moving from more introductory items to greater detail and complexity. Explanations of basic terms (e.g., Nuvolos Compute Units) are found in the first corresponding section of the documentation, as well as in the glossary.

The Getting Started section (where you are now) provides introductory information on what Nuvolos is and what it is for. It explains basic concepts used in Nuvolos and their purpose. It also gives basic tutorials for the main Nuvolos use cases.

Features gives a description of each of the fundamental features of Nuvolos, with detailed information on how to use them and the different functions and limitations involved.

In the User Guides you can find walkthroughs for achieving your goals if you have a specific use case or need not covered by the basic tutorials.

The Pricing and Billing section provides information on the pricing structure of Nuvolos and how to request additional resources or services.

Administration gives detailed information on how to do administration and management in Nuvolos, including organisation and role management, resource budgeting, and space management.

The Reference is a repository of technical information, giving overviews of different types of architectures and definitions used in Nuvolos.

Finally, frequently asked questions can be found under the header of FAQs.

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