Metabase, the open-source analytics suite is available on Nuvolos

Metabase allows you to visualize and analyze data stored in your Nuvolos tables without having to write SQL statements.

Add a Metabase application

To add a Metabase application to your Nuvolos working instance, install a Metabase application from the application gallery:

Running Metabase

Start your Metabase application, and when the application is loaded, you will be presented with a configuration message. It can take around a minute for Metabase to perform the initial automated configuration of the Nuvolos SDW access and the creation of the admin user within Metabase:

Once the configuration is finished, you will be prompted to log on to Metabase. Please use the credentials / Nuvolos to log in to Metabase:

Metabase landing page

Upon a successful login, you will be presented with the Metabase landing page, and you will see that Metabase is scanning the schemas accessible for you in Nuvolos:

If you wish to see the original (non-humanized) table and column names in Metabase, please go to the Admin settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner and change the setting:

Learning Metabase

Please visit the Learn Metabase page for tutorials and guides to help you get started with Metabase.

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