Access remote files with SSHFS

In Nuvolos applications, you can access files stored on your server via a secure SSH connection and use them as if they were on the file system of the Nuvolos application.


Create an SSH key

To be able to authenticate with your server using SSH, you will need to create an SSH key in Nuvolos and add the generated public key to the authorized_keys file on your server to accept the newly generated SSH key. Under Linux systems, the file is usually located under ~/.ssh/authorized_keys .

To do this, go to your account settings and click on the SSH Keys tab. Click on the Generate SSH Key button to create an SSH key:

Configure the connection using environment variables

Next, on the Environment tab, add the following environment variables that specify:

  • SSHFS_USER: The username to use when connecting with the remote host.

  • SSHFS_SERVER: The SSH server Nuvolos applications will connect to.

  • SSHFS_REMOTE_PATH: The path on the remote SSH server to be mounted.

Configuring your Nuvolos application

Currently, SSHFS connection is a preview feature, please reach out to Nuvolos Support to enable SSHFS mounting for your specific Nuvolos application. Once the feature will reach GA state, this will be configurable in the Nuvolos application configuration.

Applications running in shared mode can only use SSHFS mounting if it has been authorized by the development team, due to potential security issues in a shared environment.

Accessing remote files

Once the prerequisite configuration has been done and the applications have been also configured to use SSHFS, you can start your Nuvolos application.

The files from the remote server will be accessible under the path /sshfs. If you wish to use a different path, please reach out to Nuvolos support.

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