Organisation management

This page describes the various operations involved in the management of organisations.

Invite organisation members

  • At the organization level, there are two types of permission that can be granted: organization manager and organization faculty. For details on the types of rights each of these roles has, please read our documentation on roles.

  1. From the dashboard, click the cogwheel button on the top right and select "Organization users".

  2. Select the type of organisation membership you want to invite the user with, and then provide the email(s) of the users you want to invite. Finally, click the invite button.

Revoke organisation members

An organisation manager can 'revoke' any organisation member.

  • Revoke will simply revoke the organisation role from the user. User accounts and instances/snapshots are not deleted. Instead, they will no longer be visible to the affected users.

To revoke or deactivate an organisation member:

  1. Go to the dashboard view and, using the left sidebar, click on the users icon.

  2. Identify the user(s) you want to revoke.

  3. To revoke, click the black cross button.

Review requests

Public dataset spaces in an organisation do not grant automatic access to its contents to all users. Users need to send a request to organisation management. Access is granted to the users upon the organisation manager accepting the request.

The request screen can be accessed from the top right menu:

Changing to the "Requests to approve" page, you can make decisions on requests.

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