I forgot my password

In case you forget your Nuvolos password, then you can reset your password by:

  1. Clicking on "Don't remember your password?" and providing your email which you use to log in to Nuvolos. A reset link will be sent to your email.

  1. When choosing a new password, please observe the following rules:

    1. Do not use a password you have used previously.

    2. Please do not use a password with your name in it.

    3. The password should:

      1. Be at least 9 characters long,

      2. It must start with a letter or a number,

      3. It must contain a lowercase letter,

      4. It must contain an uppercase letter,

      5. It must contain a number,

      6. It must contain a special character from the following set: !#$%^&().-=_+:

  2. Once your password has been reset, please navigate again to https://www.nuvolos.cloud to log in.

If you forget the email address that was used to create your Nuvolos account, then contact the support team at support@nuvolos.cloud.

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