Documenting your course

Nuvolos helps you organize and document your course contents with two key features:

The readme feature

On any folder level, you may include a file named that will be automatically rendered as a documentation of the folder, if written in standard markdown format. The top level is automatically rendered on the overview of your instance.

You may edit the file from the Nuvolos UI, via the text edit feature which has a WYSIWYG and a source code type editor.

You may also embed videos from streaming providers to your readme file, creating a journal of previous lectures for the students to review. This may be done by copying the Embed snippets provided by the standard streaming services as a link into the readme file.

The videos feature

You may place a hidden file named .videos.json in the root folder of your instance. The video links contained in this file will be displayed in the video area of the overview.

The following overview contains a single video file:

The video section is generated via the following syntax:

    "nvVIDEOS": [
            "url": "",
            "description": "The knowledge creation cloud"

The above snippet is saved under a filed named .videos.json:

Notice that the file name starts with a dot character and the Hidden file toggle is set to show hidden files in the top folder of the instance!

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