Leaving a course

It might happen that as a student you decide to not take on the challenge of a course any more.

Clarify with your professor and institution the policy before leaving the course. Nuvolos is currently not linked to any institutional administrative systems, so if there are administrative steps to be taken to unenroll formally from the course at your institution, you have to take those steps yourself. Nuvolos support cannot offer you guidance on steps relating to your institution.

Once you clarified the steps to be taken, on Nuvolos you can remove yourself from a course by finding the info button next to the course name on the overview page and then clicking the "Leave Course" Button.

Leaving a course will remove your roles in the course (any viewer and editing role), however, your instance will not be deleted - you might change your mind later or what you have already stored might be required by your institution at a later point in time.

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