Collaborative application editing

Nuvolos enables and encourages collaborative editing in certain application types. In collaborative editing mode, multiple students may connect at the same time to the same applications and edit files and notebooks together (similar to Google Docs), seeing each others' edits and without getting into any file version conflicts.

Collaborative applications are suitable in group instances, please refer here to learn how to set up group instances.

Currently collaborative editing is supported in applications based on JupyterLab >3.1.

Setting up collaborative JupyterLab applications

In order to set up a collaborative JupyterLab application, follow these steps:

  1. Set up group work space (see guide).

  2. Set up group instances (see guide).

  3. Add a JupyterLab 4 (recommended) or 3 application (see guide).

  4. Configure the application to be shared, by clicking on the Configure button in the Applications view of the master instance.

5. Finally, distribute the application to the student instances along with regular files and instructions.

You can read mode about collaborative mode in Configuring applications.

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