I can't create a space

If you're having problems creating a new space, here are some potential causes you might want to examine:

  • The space name is already taken

Space names have to be unique in an organisation, to avoid confusion. Note that it is possible a space with a given name already exists in an organisation, but you don't see it because case it's private and you were not given access to it. Please use a different name to proceed.

  • You don't have the right permission to create a space.

To be able to create a space in an organisation you need to be an organisation manager or faculty member. If you don't have any of these roles, then contact the organisation manager to send you an invitation for a faculty or organisation manager role, or ask the organisation manager to set up a space for you.

  • You followed the wrong steps for creating a space.

Make sure you follow the correct steps required for creating a space. For more details, check here.

  • You have lost connection to the internet.

If you lose your internet connection, your request to create a space might not be received by the server. Make sure you restore your connection, refresh the page, and try to create the space again.

  • There has been a server-side error and the space creation request was not properly processed by Nuvolos.

In some cases, it might happen that a server-side error occurs such that the request to create a space is not processed properly by the server. Please wait for some time and then try to create the space again.

None of these solutions worked - how to proceed?

If none of the above solutions worked, please contact support@nuvolos.cloud.

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