Data integration

What is data integration?

Nuvolos' data integration ensures that educators and researchers can access licensed data in the most efficient manner and integrate data into their regular workflow. In particular:

  • Data can be accessed in Nuvolos applications natively.

  • Data can be accessed in non-Nuvolos applications via standard API solutions.

  • Data in Nuvolos is stored in a cloud-based, scalable, low-overhead SQL-compliant DBMS.

  • Access to licensed data can be controlled by the organization owning the license.

Why is data integration useful?

Data integration creates novel workflows in research and education.

Data is accessible

Nuvolos makes it possible to fine-tune access to data both on an organization and on a research project level.

Organization-wide public data is viewable by any member, and it is also possible to define restricted datasets that are available only to specified users.

Data is annotated

Nuvolos supports and encourages adding table and column descriptions to your data. This helps documentation and reusability of your projects.

Data is vintaged

It is possible to maintain multiple vintages of a dataset via Nuvolos. This makes it possible to reference multiple time-states of a particular data set in research, further aiding the replicability of research.

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