Mount Dropbox

Mount your Dropbox folder into running Nuvolos applications

Mounting your Dropbox folder

When you link your Dropbox account on Nuvolos, a special folder is created in your main Dropbox folder at Apps > When using the mount integration, this folder will be visible on your application's filesystem as folder /dropbox.

The /dropbox folder is only visible inside running Nuvolos applications. You cannot interact directly with your Dropbox files via the Nuvolos Web UI.

When working with the files in /dropbox folder in your Nuvolos application, on a high level, the following happens:

  • Reading a file from under /dropbox (and any subfolders) -> triggers a download of the file contents on the fly

  • Writing a file under /dropbox (and any subfolders) -> triggers an upload of the file to to Dropbox on the fly


There are some limitations with this integration to keep in mind:

  • Dropbox rate limits: if you're making lots of changes very fast on the files/folders under /dropbox, it might take some time until those are reflected in your Dropbox account, because the rate of operations are limited by Dropbox, and some operations will need to be delayed by the integration tool for later execution.

  • File size limit: Reading/writing of files larger than 15 GB is not supported via the mount integration.

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