Find database and schema path

This is only required if you are not using an Alphacruncher-supported Nuvolos connector package.

Nuvolos relies on database technology provided by Snowflake. Snowflake is handled via its own flavour of SQL. Data in a particular snapshot or current state of an instance is located in a schema in Snowflake. Schemas are contained in databases. To obtain the required database and schema information to interact with your data, first, navigate to the table view, and click the CONNECTION GUIDE button:

The Connection guide provides you with information regarding the database and schema you will need to use in the form of a statement such as:

USE SCHEMA "empty_org/documentation_class"."master/development";

In this setup, the following important features should be observed:

  • Snowflake object names are case sensitive and can contain special characters - consequently, they should be always quoted.

    • In program code, quotes should be appropriately escaped!

  • USE SCHEMA simplifies referencing to tables - once you've given this command, you can reference tables as you see them on the user interface.

  • Databases are Organization and Space joined by a slash, while schema is determined by Instance and State name (current state is always referred to as development).

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