Nuvolos has a pre-built application with Dynare 5.3 and Julia 1.8, with the Dynare.jl package is pre-installed.

Add a new "Dynare 5.3 + Julia 1.8 + VSCode" application to your working instance in Nuvolos:

Dynare.jl example

Start the application and create a new Julia file dynare_demo.jl with the following contents:

cp("/usr/local/lib/dynare/examples/example2.mod","/files/example2.mod", force=true)

using Dynare

context = @dynare "example2.mod";

using JLD2
DD = load("example2/output/example2.jld2")

This example will copy one of the example models provided with Dynare to the Files area (/files ) parse and run the calculations on the model. You can run the example either from the command line with the julia /files/dynare_demo.jl command, or using VSCode's debugger by pressing the F5 key.

The output will be saved under /files/example2/output/example2.jld2 in JLD2 format, which can be processed with the JLD2 Julia library.

Plots are available under the /files/example2/output/graphs folder:

This application does not provide a Linux X window display. The plots will not be automatically opened. You can open them with VSCode by double-clicking on the .png files in the file navigator tree view.

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